How was the Group established

The Della Peruta Group sees the homonymous family engaged for three generations involved in raw material, from  the cultivation to trade of agricultural products, especially in  tomatoes. The initial activity of supplying tomatoes to factories has allowed the  previous generations to gain experience in the field of product transformation, thus developing both the bases and the consolidated notions handed down to us, giving the third generation the  opportunity to venture into the world of production , starting from 1989.


The Group was born as "SAN MARZANO SUD Srl" with the brands: San Marzano Sud, Bella Napoli,  La Caterina. In 2001 the company name changed to "TOMATO NAPOLI SRL",  then to "DELLA PERUTA VINCENZO SRL" in the year 2013, and then to "DELLA PERUTA VINCENZO SPA" in 2015. In 2018 the second plant "I.C.A.A" was acquired. The Group was consolidated and retained always the same brands.

The cultivation of the raw material

The Della Peruta family directly takes care of the production of the raw material of tomatoes and the transformation of the same. The tomatoes come from our fields and those of the cooperatives, of which we are members and are  managed and cultivated under our strict direction. The fields are chosen with certain a rigid company Policy. From seed to harvest, our production is controlled throught the  stages, to be sure that the product follows the integrated production protocol.


Our companies have a production capacity of over 5000 containers per year, of which about 40% are destined for the retail market and the remaining about 60% for the catering market. Production is divided between tomatoes and legumes.

Our export volume is about 85-90% of the production, whilst the rest of the production is destined to the national market. Our products are worldwide appreciated in Asia, Latin America , Europe, East Europe, North Europe, Africa , Australia , New Zealand.


The purpose of the Della Peruta Group is to guarantee the highest quality product to our consumers through our updated laboratories equipped with modern technologies. To this end we are engaged not only in the production and processing of raw materials, but we have deemed it appropriate to use an accurate quality control system, H.A.C.C.P and to be certified by international bodies integrated with the certification system of BRC, IFS, Kosher, Halal and ISO 9000 that attest the quality and efficiency of our entire production process.

Della Peruta Group

Della Peruta Vincenzo Spa - Scafati

The plant located in Scafati is about 15,000 square meters. Legumes are produced on this site.  The legume production area was increased in 2018 with the addition of two more autoclaves and other soaking tanks increasing the  production to over 60,000 cans per hour.
In this plant legumes are packed in the format from 400 gms - 800 gms and 2500 gms

ICAA - Acerra

The second plant is located in the Industrial Zone of Acerra, and covers an area of 25,000 square meters. In this plant it is estimated to transform over 800,000 quintals of fresh tomatoes into peeled, sieved tomatoes diced, puree and tomato derivatives, in the format in packing  of 400 gms - 800 gms and 2500 gms and glass jars 680 gms.