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Direction Scafati
Vincenzo Della Peruta

Michele Della Peruta

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Maria Rosaria Vollaro

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Caterina Della Peruta

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Factory of SCAFATI (SA)

Via S. Antonio Abate n° 14
84014 Scafati (SA) - Italia


The plant located in Scafati is about 15,000 square meters. Legumes are produced on this site.  The legume production area was increased in 2018 with the addition of two more autoclaves and other soaking tanks increasing the  production to over 60,000 cans per hour.
In this plant legumes are packed in the format from 400 gms - 800 gms and 2500 gms

Factory of ACERRA (NA)

Via delle Industrie
Contrada Pantano

80011 Acerra (NA) - Italia


The second plant is located in the Industrial Zone of Acerra, and covers an area of 25,000 square meters. In this plant it is estimated to transform over 800,000 quintals of fresh tomatoes into peeled, sieved tomatoes diced, puree and tomato derivatives, in the format in packing  of 400 gms - 800 gms and 2500 gms and glass jars 680 gms.