Quality is our core business and our mission. In order to pursue this goal, we have set up an accurate quality control that is certified by international authorities.

Della Peruta Vincenzo S.p.A. pursues the highest standards of quality and safety in the products it supplies to its customers, recognising that the continued fulfilment of the commitments made to its customers and exceeding their expectations are an ongoing obligation for all its staff.
Della Peruta Vincenzo S.p.A. hereby pledges to improve the quality management system within the organisation, applying it to services carried out in accordance with IFS FOOD and BRC international standards.

Della Peruta Vincenzo S.p.A. updates its infrastructures in accordance with industrial modernisation strategies for providing consistently top quality products.

The management has created a company that stands out in an extremely competitive market thanks to customer satisfaction and the ongoing improvement of the efficiency of company processes.

In accordance with the strategies and general objectives for market growth of the company’s competitiveness, the company promotes:

  • The central role of the customer;
  • The ongoing improvement of quality in the goods produced;
  • The ongoing improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the production processes;
  • Maximum attention paid to commodity and chemical controls of all production batches.

Della Peruta Vincenzo S.p.A. is therefore committed to:

  • Monitoring and controlling processes and critical points in order to guarantee the safety of its own products;
  • Improving internal effectiveness and efficiency through the use of better operational and organisational procedures;
  • Measuring production performance by analysing data and feedback information produced by the company’s feedback system;
  • Maintaining and developing expertise through training and continuing education;
  • Communicating the quality policy within the organisation through group meetings and other useful tools for effective internal communications and checking that these have been correctly understood;
  • Promoting the involvement of human resources through an ongoing assessment and motivation initiative;
  • prodintegrataUsing high quality internal resources in order to guarantee fast and accurate product controls;
  • Assessing the competence of external professional resources;
  • Promoting the advancement of company objectives for improvement;
  • Carrying out assessments of the results and establishing objectives for improvement.


Certified quality, our certificates that attest to the quality and efficiency of our entire production process.